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How Google Keywords Work For Searches

If you want to know how you can use Google keywords for search as well as understand how it all works, take note of what I'm about to say here. If you have a website online and are using keyword targeting for search engine optimization, good for you! You're on the right track. But if you're new to all of this, let me explain how Google keywords for search work.
There are really two sides to Google, if you really look at it. One, side is the free side and the other is the paid side. If you take a look at the paid side which translates into running Google AdWords ads which are the ads on the right side of the search page of Google, you'll see related ads based on your search. So, basically, those are ads that were paid for with the purpose of getting traffic to a specific website. Basically, what happens is when somebody searches for a certain keyword, related ads will show up. And these ads actually used the same keyword in their ad so that's why the ad appeared on the right hand side when the visitor entered that particular keyword in the search box. Now onto the other side of Google, the free side...
If you take a look at the free side of Google, basically we can typically call this the SEO or the free search side. A lot of times this free side is referred to as organic search. Basically what that means is you're optimizing your site for specific keywords or for specific words. So, what happens is when somebody searches for those particular keywords, and those same keywords are optimized well on your website, your site will actually get a higher rank or placement in the search engines. So you've got to find what words actually work best. When somebody's searching online, what words would you like to have your site appear for? Using free search engine optimization is one of the most inexpensive ways to gain traffic to your website.
One major tip is to use keyword software to target keywords that are in demand from your market. Note that some keywords are more popular than others - usually the main keywords. So, for example if you were in the niche of weight loss, that keyword "weight loss" will be very competitive. You can do search engine optimization for that term, but since it's overly competitive; it may be harder to rank for that term. A great strategy is to use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords refer to words which are 3 or more words. So instead of

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